Fire resistant accessories

Geostaff fire-resistant accessories are pre-moulded elements used to protect metal elements and reinforce the top boards of horizontal ducts ; to protect service ducts and shafts, as well as to take up the load of vertical ducts or then to screw the boards together.

In the case of horizontal smoke extraction and ventilation ducts and horizontal technical ductwork enclosures, the threaded rods can be protected for passive fire protection with GEOFLAM® DC half-shells, while the U-irons required for installation can be protected against fire with GEOTEC® A U-plaster.

In the case of vertical smoke extraction and ventilation ducts and vertical technical ductwork enclosures, GEOTEC® A reinforcement collars are used for the load-bearing capacity of the ducts.


GEOFLAM® G Ventilation grid

50 mm thick fire-resistant ventilation grid with a fire resistance up to 2 hours.

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GEOTEC® A 1/2 Shells

Pre-moulded elements with a length of 1 ml and diameters of 90 or 130 mm (hxW) to protect the threaded rods.

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GEOTEC® A Cover-strips

Pre-moulded elements of 20 mm thickness and unique dimension 1 ml (W) x 120 mm (L) used for the reinforcement of horizontal systems.

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GEOTEC® A Expansion Joint

Pre-moulded elements measuring 10.5 ml (W) x 200 mm (L) serving as a presser for the insertion of foam and intumescent gaskets.

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GEOTEC® A Plaster-battens

Pre-moulded 45 mm thick elements of unique size 1 ml (W) x 45 mm (L), used to facilitate the screwing of the boards to each other.

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GEOTEC® A Reinforcement-collars

Pre-moulded elements 30 / 45 mm thick, unique dimension 1 ml (W) x 200 mm (H), for supporting vertical systems.

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GEOTEC® A U-plaster

Pre-moulded elements of variable dimensions for the protection of the metal supports of horizontal ducts.

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